Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can We Stop Calling Them RINO's Now ?

When two honest-to-goodness dyed-in-the-wool Republicans that have shown us all they have no trust in real American Conservative Values and have no difficulties with their own brand of un-Constitutional ideas finish first and second respectively in a straw poll of Republicans it is beyond absurd to call ANYONE a RINO.

RINO's are Republicans.

When The Left Speaks Slowly It Is Because They Cannot Think Very Quickly

Too bad for them they cannot think very well either.
By far the greatest outcry against the "evil corporation" following the West Virginia mining disaster has been by Progressive/Socialists.
One brainiac went so far as to say that if there were 15-20 Wall Street brokers dying every year or that same number of political radio commenters were suffering horrible deaths there would certainly be a call to do something. He spoke this nonsense in a slow thoughtful cadence that surely was meant to give the listener a sense of how profound he was.
He forgets, as they all do, that there is a far greater danger involved with going underground than sitting behind a computer screen and/or a microphone.

However, I am completely unable to understand how these very same clowns that are calling for criminal investigations of Massey Energy can stand four-square against parental notification, become indignant when legislators pass laws requiring full disclosure of all medical facts regarding the fetus and cry foul when clear-headed, right-thinking lovers of all human life wish to protect our pre-born brothers and sisters.

Using language condemning Massey Energy specifically, and all large corporations generally, for putting profit ahead of human life these same self-professed nurturers of all things good have no anger towards the profits raised by Planned Parenthood generally, and any abortion mill specifically, directly due to the destruction of human life.

One day Americans will, I pray, wake up to this cognitive dissonance, at best, in the culture and in themselves.