Monday, August 30, 2010

Not That There Is Any Real Surprise

But if there was a lack of evidence that we as a nation are in dire straits, one look at this will be enough.

Over 50 % of voters that call themselves Republicans consider Health Care, The Financial System(whatever that means) and Energy as important issues in the upcoming Congressional election. We all expect, and receive, that type of un-Constitutional feeling from Democrats. Now it is plain to see that Republicans feel that way too, and are also unworthy of the franchise.

More than one radio talker makes a good living spouting the thoughtless statement "it is time to take back the Republican Party". Take it back from whom, exactly ? This is not just a bunch of corrupt men at the top. Nor is it a bunch of good minded men that were corrupted by the system. This is the Republican Party. If you dream of, wish for and want an America that you claim to want; one with the ideals of the founders and the vigor of those that built her to greatness, then speak the truth to all. The Republican Party and the Democrat Party are one and the same.

They may differ on how fast we achieve Socialism, but they are both taking us there.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Sublime Brilliance Of Andrew Klavan

"... I always try not to burn or behead those who hold different views on transubstantiation than I do – though there are days when it’s difficult, believe you me."
For more, and you know you want more

You are welcome !

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Silly Ballplayer - Only Congresscritters Are Allowed To Lie

With a much needed distraction before the elections, our congressmen want to appear as though they are "Law and Order, every time". Nothing shows that they mean business quite like going after someone they believe lied to them.

Good thing for Mr. Clemons that the case has been assigned to a fair-minded judge:
"The case was assigned to U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton, the judge who presided over the perjury and obstruction trial of Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby."
Scratch that. He's toast.

Looks Like You Can Be Too Quick To Run Anything That Comes From The A.P. Wire

Seen recently at was this story from the A.P. about how stupid Americans are:
"Americans increasingly are convinced — incorrectly — that President Barack Obama is a Muslim, and a growing number are thoroughly confused about his religion."

Turns out, it may be that 0bama-sycophants are the stupid ones:
"The American President told me in confidence that he is a Muslim," said Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit on Nile TV."
But it may be just that there were no clues:
"That could explain why Obama has instructed that the term "Islamic extremism" no longer be used in official government documents and statements."

Yeah, that was an easy one to miss.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Disappointing Jury

The Verdicts are in:
The Jury in the Rod/Rob Blagojevich trial has come back.

They have found that they are unable to come to a unanimous decision in 23 counts that apply to either Blago Bro. No surprise there. While other s will find disappointment in this I only can manage a smirk and a shrug.

The real disappointing aspect of this is that those same 12 believe that lying to a Fed is a crime.

Lying to the Federal government ought to be considered standard procedure. A Virtue.

Illinois Sucks !

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jim Edgar: Idiot Savant

Former Governor of Illinois, one of a select few not either serving time or on trial, has grown tired of the Blago trial.

Now that the trial has ended and Blago's fate in the hands of the jury, Edgar just wants to know when it will end.

Jimmy, here's a clue for you: when the jury comes back with a verdict !

This moron had no problem with the State needing more time to file charges. The only reason the State would need more time filing charges against Blago should have been to stop laughing long enough to file the charges.

He had no problem with the State filing charges that were based on an issue that was to be argued in The Supreme Court and could be shown to be legal acts. No, his problem is that the duly selected citizens of the State of Illinois to deliberate the facts of the trial were taking their oath seriously.

Illinois sucks.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Schindler Had A List

One of the best lines I have heard on the radio in quite some time belonged to Glenn Beck co-star Stu Burguiere.

When commenting on the hideous accusation of candidate for NY-13 Mike Grimm not having the right kind of supporters, Stu said:
"Unless your name is Schindler you shouldn't have a list of Jews !"

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sen. Reid Begins His 2010 Campaign - Today

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has begun his 2010 re-election campaign in earnest.

He has come out with his own energy plan; one that sits in contrast to the dreaded Cap and Tax plan.

No worries. It is all just sleight of hand.

Senators are elected to 6-yr. terms. 'Happy' Harry will have plenty of time to get back on board with Cap and Tax in those 6 years.

But, only if the good people of the great State of Nevada stay home and allow the moron class to send him back to D.C.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Lookup Chutzpah and you will see this as the definition:
Murderer Seeks Protection From Murderers

To whom were the unborn to cry to for help, you ugly bastard ?!?!?!?

H/T: Jill Stanek

Thursday, July 1, 2010

If There Was Any Doubt That FoxNews Had The Best And Brightest Headline Writers

Those doubts can be lain to rest now.

Yep, that's right.

Worst case - this is the worst.

Go figure.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In Case You Missed It

And there is little doubt that you did, because this story does not fit the narrative of anti-choice murderers of children:
Dozens of people who were blinded or otherwise suffered severe eye damage when they were splashed with caustic chemicals had their sight restored with transplants of their own stemcells

For those impaired by liberalism/progressiveism that means ADULT STEM CELLS !!!!!

H/T: Coming Home

Monday, June 21, 2010

There's No England, Now

Saint George's Cross is now seen as a symbol of raaaaacism !

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Richard J. He Ain't - No I Really Mean It

Chicago's joke of a mayor threatened to shove a rifle butt up a non-sycophant reporter.

A few days after that, a California man decided to let the asshat hear what such a threat sounds like.
His Honor promptly called the coppers and had the guy arrested.

Now today he has the lack of clarity to enable this brilliance to fall out of his mouth:
"people maybe disagree with your political viewpoint, but they should never threaten anybody."

Too bad for the CA man that this will undoubtedly be settled in a Chicago Courthouse with a judge well in the pockets of the squid.

Because This Can Never Be Said Enough

Each and every child is a special gift from God and we should be thankful to Him for each one.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Soccer Is For Sissies

A Canadian Youth Soccer club has only verified what we already knew to be true: Soccer is for sissies.

When one team of achievers wins a game by more than five points - they lose the game.

All of the non-Western world watches and waits until this generation is of age.

Canada is doing it first, but, it is doubtful that this grand plan will not take hold elsewhere, ensuring that those that wish to excel will have those desires squashed.

From FoxNews: The club director, in an attempt to cover up the truth,
"told the Post the league is simply trying to make the game fair and that the new rule will eventually be replaced by a pre-season skill assessment to make fair teams

If he knows it is a bad idea, why do it ?
Is it because the adults are too lazy to do it right to begin with, or is this just his way of saying, "move along, nothing to see here", so that next year they can just continue to weaken the culture one game at a time ?

Floyd thought of the one way that this does help those that wish to excel:
So if the one team kicks the ball 6 times into their own goal is that a victory? It’s a conniving sumbitch’s dream!
Excel at underhanded, treacherous deception.

Imagine All They Would "Discover" If They Were Looking

These critters are a marvel.
Discovery in the Foja Mountains
A biological expedition to a remote New Guinea rain forest explores a world of bizarre and beautiful creatures, among them a spike-nosed tree frog and a tiny inchworm moth as fantastic as any computer-generated sci-fi monster.

The most marvelous thing is that they were found when
"one hops into their mountain camp and volunteers to be discovered."

The wonder of such magnificent finds was not enough to quell the worries that we are all doomed.

"While animals and plants are being wiped out across the globe at a pace never seen in millions of years, the discovery of these absolutely incredible forms of life is much needed positive news," Bruce Beehler, a senior research scientist at CI and participant on the expedition, said in a statement.

"Places like these represent a healthy future for all of us and show that it is not too late to stop the current species extinction crisis," he said.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is Gold Overvalued ?

A while back, someone smarter than I said that the reason for prices being higher for commodities today was inflation. He continued my education by pointing out that a suit of clothes that cost a man 1 ounce in gold in 1929 still costs the same 1 ounce of gold today.

That was told to me when gold was $300 U.S. an ounce, and I could buy a good suit for $300 U.S., so I had little reason to doubt it.

However, gold is now $1200 U.S. an ounce. In the twelve years since that lesson I can still buy a good suit for $300 U.S. (not Armani, but a suit of clothes good enough to wear to court)
Have there been that many improvements in clothes making technology ? Has there been that big an influx of new clothiers ?

If price is all about supply and demand, and it is when there is no government interference to skew anything, then what happened ?

In an effort to see what prices have been effected by inflation I looked at the staples from 1925 (gold valued at $20.64 U.S.):

Bread 9¢/lb
Butter 55¢/lb
Chicken 39¢/lb
Coffee 50¢/lb
Eggs 55¢/doz.
Flour 31¢/5 lb
Milk 28¢/1/2 gal.
Potatoes 36¢/10 lb
Sugar 33¢/lb

Assuming that there were no disproportionate adjustments in supply and demand and no change in government subsidy/taxation, this would translate to a current value of(gold valued at $1210 U.S.):

Bread $5.28/lb
Butter $32.24/lb
Chicken $22.86/lb
Coffee $29.31/lb
Eggs $32.24/doz.
Flour $18.17/5 lb
Milk $16.41/1/2 gal.
Potatoes 21.10/10 lb
Sugar 19.35/lb

Either we have done some incredible things when it comes to producing and distributing staples to the American populace or the government has subsidized foodstuffs to the point that we are all paying for the savings at the grocery store in higher taxes elsewhere or the price of gold is over valued or there is a reckoning coming of epic proportions.

Friday, May 21, 2010

To Democrats Arizonans Are Nothing

Americans understand the concept incased in an old chestnut that only I can disparage my kin.

We know that it means when an outsider does it, he risks the wrath of family loyalties.

Blood is thicker than water, and all that.

The Democrats in congress made it abundantly clear that they hold no familial loyalties with the People of Arizona.

Monday, May 17, 2010

This Is A Way Better Idea Than 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day'

So I ain't gonna wait.

For the first time Miss USA is a Muslim.

Respect It:

Now, don't that beat hell out of the other plan ?

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Cabal Pushing For The End Of U.S. Sovereignity Gets Their Latest Effort Through Committee

Of course there is a conspiracy in The Senate to do this. Old Dickie "The Dirtbin" "Turban" couldn't do this alone. Would that it were the lonely idiot himself.

No this needed the unhinged Sen. Pat Leahy's help. Who as chair or The Senate Judiciary Committee had no qualms about pushing a pet of his through.

Even the use of nuclear weapons in retaliation would be considered to be a "Crime Against Humanity".

Apparently crying Nazi and Raaaaacist aren't enough anymore the left has dialed up the rhetoric to "Crime Against Humanity".

I wonder if there is a corollary to Godwin's Law that covers this.

Need any more reasons to vote out incumbents ?

Please come back Jack Ryan !

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Next Time You Get Grief For Drinking Water From A Plastic Bottle.......

Ask that person why they hate poor black Africans !

Every innovation has more than one application.

This is pure genius.

Does White House Read The Heritage Blog ?

Such incredible timing.

They certainly couldn't have done the more wrong thing than this.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No Need For A Scare Tactic When You Can Use This

As the headline at The Heritage Blog plainly states: The Very Real Short-Range Missile Threat Obama Is Ignoring.

Watch the video and wonder if the sociopaths that can afford these can afford a few tractor-trailers and/or the shipping costs on a "Liberian-flagged" freighter, or two.

H/T: Jefferson's Rebels

The New Jihad - A "Cry Wolf" Strategy

Another day, another bomb scare in NYC.

Seems as if the plan is to keep 'em scared until they get tired of all the false alarms.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Siete De Mayo !

Or as we call it around here*: The Day the rebellious Mexicans had their sombreros handed to them by the French after they got all uppity on the 5th.

Proof that the day ought to have been called drink-o de mayo. Because only a completely drunk people would celebrate a day that they got off one good shot and sleep through the reprisal that came from it.

No wonder the "holiday" was created by the Corona beer people.

* my house

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

That Poor, Poor Guy

Yahoo! start page news has a truly heart-rending story of the unraveling life of a jihadi:

Not long ago, Faisal Shahzad had a pretty enviable life: He became an American citizen after emigrating fromPakistan, where he came from a wealthy family. He earned an MBA. He had a well-educated wife and two kids and owned a house in a middle-class Connecticut suburb.
In the past couple of years, though, his life seemed to unravel: He left a job at a global marketing firm he'd held for three years, lost his home to foreclosure and moved into an apartment in an impoverished neighborhood in Bridgeport. And last weekend, authorities say, he drove an SUV loaded with explosives into Times Square intent on blowing it up.
 It just brings a tear to your eyes.

They just cannot figure out how a guy who had it all could have such bad luck.

It can't be that when he decided to let his hatred consume him that all else was unimportant. He just had a run of bad luck and snapped.

Lone wolf style.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can We Stop Calling Them RINO's Now ?

When two honest-to-goodness dyed-in-the-wool Republicans that have shown us all they have no trust in real American Conservative Values and have no difficulties with their own brand of un-Constitutional ideas finish first and second respectively in a straw poll of Republicans it is beyond absurd to call ANYONE a RINO.

RINO's are Republicans.

When The Left Speaks Slowly It Is Because They Cannot Think Very Quickly

Too bad for them they cannot think very well either.
By far the greatest outcry against the "evil corporation" following the West Virginia mining disaster has been by Progressive/Socialists.
One brainiac went so far as to say that if there were 15-20 Wall Street brokers dying every year or that same number of political radio commenters were suffering horrible deaths there would certainly be a call to do something. He spoke this nonsense in a slow thoughtful cadence that surely was meant to give the listener a sense of how profound he was.
He forgets, as they all do, that there is a far greater danger involved with going underground than sitting behind a computer screen and/or a microphone.

However, I am completely unable to understand how these very same clowns that are calling for criminal investigations of Massey Energy can stand four-square against parental notification, become indignant when legislators pass laws requiring full disclosure of all medical facts regarding the fetus and cry foul when clear-headed, right-thinking lovers of all human life wish to protect our pre-born brothers and sisters.

Using language condemning Massey Energy specifically, and all large corporations generally, for putting profit ahead of human life these same self-professed nurturers of all things good have no anger towards the profits raised by Planned Parenthood generally, and any abortion mill specifically, directly due to the destruction of human life.

One day Americans will, I pray, wake up to this cognitive dissonance, at best, in the culture and in themselves.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Question Isn't Would Reagan Be "Reagan Enough", It Is When Will The Republican Party Stop Supporting A Scozzafava Over A Hoffman

There is still way too much whining going on about conservative voters wanting to get candidates that represent their conservative values.
Including such nonsense about Reagan not being "Reagan enough".
In the 1976 Republican primaries Reagan was not "Reagan enough" to beat Gerry Ford for crying out loud. The Gerry Ford that couldn't beat Jimmy Carter. 0bama without the hate America streak.

Stop with the whining about there being too much call for conservative values and get on with giving voters a conservative option to the Democrats Progressive/Socialist.

After buying the bill of goods that was 1994, conservatives all went along with the "Party over principle" idea.
This was done in the 1996 and 1998 and 2000 and 2002 and 2004 elections.
Slowly we all woke up and realized that the Party had left our conservative principles behind. Some of us woke up earlier than others.
In 2006 conservatives did not vote for the lesser of two evils in the percentages that they had in the past five elections; so much less that the Democrats regained control of Congress.
In 2008 the Republican Party still hadn't shown much concern for principles that matched the conservative principles of Republican voters, but some Republican candidates did.
Those candidates were supported.
Now here we are with the 2010 election cycle in full swing and we are being told to keep holding our noses and vote R just so a D doesn't win. (NY-23 anyone? The RNC supported Scozzafava. See Post Title) Hell no.
We already see what we get when we voted Socialist lite from 1996-2004. That wasn't very good.
Many "Republicans" then ask was it better than we got in 2008 ?
Yes, but the elections of 2006 and 2008 would not have resulted in the debacle we are in had the Republican Party stayed true to their constituency. Now, out of power, all the Republicans are crying that we have to stick together and support them.
Where were they when we called for Fiscal Responsibility and Laws that re-established The Congress as the Legislative Branch not The Supreme Court ?!?!?!?
For nearly 37 years the Republican voters of this nation have sought for and end to unlimited, unfettered destruction of pre-born babies. We are still waiting and praying.
If the Republicans do attain power, they will not repeal the monstrosity that is "Health" "Care" "Reform"any quicker.
There is power and control over the people in that law and they will be in power and they will want that power to remain. They were the Party that got the great example of individual liberties The PATRIOT ACT passed. When the Republican Party presents candidates that represent conservative principles conservative voters will vote for them.
The Republican Party can be and is a "big tent".
Scott Brown does not represent the conservative values held by the majority of Utah Republicans but he won election in his own home State of Massachusetts because he represents the values of Massuchusetts Republicans and very many non-Republicans.

That is how Republicans will win elections.

By representing the values of the voters. Before and after elections.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Following A Big Victory They Continue To Defame

As one of the left's remaining broadcasters, Thom Hartmann has decided to outmoron Ed Schultz.

A full eight months after Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) said that "Health" "Care" "Reform" being shoved down the throats of Americans would be 0bama's "Waterloo" and "it will break him", Thom Hartmann reminds us that there is never going to be enough time elapsed for any white Southerner to escape the past and not be considered a racist.

It has been over 145 years since any white man owned any black slave in South Carolina. Seven generations have passed since that sad time. Yet, clearly and obviously to TH when Sen. DeMint used the verb "to break", he was referring to the breaking of the slave, and that was clear to any and every white South Carolinian racist. (but I repeat myself)

Never mind that less than 50 years have passed since the Democrats stood up as the Party of segregation. Some of whom are still in Congress. They are absolved of all charges of racism due to their recent history of subjugating all people of color to special needs status.

Unfortunately TH does not just go after South Carolinians he also insinuates that Republicans are calling for a return of slave-breaking. Yes the Republicans that selected Lincoln as their candidate in 1860, the guy that we are all told "freed the slaves".

After 145 years these evil Republicans want to go back to the days of slavery - not just slavery, but Black slavery. As Senator DeMint plainly stated.

Mr. Hartmann illustrates a pattern on the left of being incapable of arriving at a conclusion that does not already fit your pre-conceived notions of your enemy.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Good News

There are many calling this the most polarized this Republic has been since The War For Southern Independence.

That is what all you government educated sheep call The Civil War.

With that in mind remember these little feel good facts:

During the Civil War, the bureau provided maps annotated with 1860 census data to Union Gen. William T. Sherman, who used them to launch a war not on the Confederacy's army but on its civilian population. The most infamous product of the Census Bureau's assistance was Sherman's march from Atlanta to the sea, a 300-mile swath of looting and destruction that would properly have been labeled a war crime if the Japanese or German armies had done it in World War II.
Not that Sherman lost his table manners: Afterward, he sent a polite note thanking the Census Bureau for its maps and research. ``Without them, I would not have undertaken what was done.'
Not that we are anywhere at all near that event. But, even short of all out war on Americans:
Most notoriously, the Census Bureau was at the heart of the internment of 110,000 Japanese Americans (two-thirds of them U.S. citizens) during World War II -- and not at all reluctantly. Within five days of the attack on Pearl Harbor, the bureau had issued three reports using 1940 census data to pinpoint the Japanese-American population by state, city and county.
Eventually, the bureau's statisticians got directly involved. When a new roundup was planned, Census Bureau employees met with Justice Department agents. They ``would lay out on a table various city blocks where the Japanese lived and they would tell me how many were living in each block,'' recalled Tom Clark, then running the Justice Department's alien-control office and later a Supreme Court justice. After that, it was easy for the U.S. Army to conduct house-to-house sweeps.
And if they missed a few, a Census Bureau official said in a 1942 report recently uncovered by historians, ``I would give them further means of checking individuals.'' That is, names.
So fill out all of the form. Answer all of the questions. There is no reason to be worried about your information ever being used against you.

Just A Little Reminder For All Of The Fair-Tax Fans Of The Insanity Of Keeping The I.R.S. Infrastructure For Their Beloved Prebate

When they impose "the one-child policy" all that will be required is the use of the I.R.S.

With the simple ruse of imposing a tax every single one of our "rights" evaporate.

As we approach the 100th Anniversary of the monstrosity of The 16th Amendment's Income Tax, keep in mind that a large portion of the the fanfare surrounding this 0bama "Health" "Care" "Reform" law is how it took nearly 100 years to get it done.

I can hardly wait to see how the Progressives/Socialists celebrate that anniversary.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dr. Dan Benishek

The cure for the common dolt.

H/T: Alex Pappas

Funny Thing About Names

Michael Savage has on occasion said that there is a correlation between the spelling and/or sound of your name and the kind of person you are.

Rep. Stupak has achieved his great fame, especially of late, due to his being stupid enough to believe that people have no access to his prior speeches.

What is truly sad is that this was kept so under wraps that he had been awarded a "Defender of Life" by the Susan B. Anthony list. Only his reaction to the awarded being rescinded was sadder as he claimed that "I stood on my principle. I don't need an award." Some principles there Rep. Stupak.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

That Thing That Isn't Really Happening, Yeah It's Still Causing Problems

It has become pretty obvious to very nearly everyone with a body temperature above room and with a brain that Global Warming is not really happening. Even if it is now called Climate Change, there is no evidence that we humans are having any effect on the Changes that the Global Climate is going through.

But, no matter. Climate Change is harming the widdle birdies.

Clearly it is all the fault of us uncaring, evil heat-mongers.


New Medical Guidelines For The Next Generation

If they survive until birth.

Because the Congress is insistent upon taking our money to seek their destruction.

Ghouls. That is what currently is the Democrat Party.

The Party of Annihilation.

To think that calling the Republican Party the Party of No was supposed to be a bad thing. These ghoulish inhabitants of the Party of Death demand that YOU pay for the destruction of your fellow Americans.

Anyone that continues to call themselves a Democrat while this is their raison d'être is deserving of the (God willing) upcoming forced career.

H/T: Chicks on the Right
Flopping Aces
Another Black Conservative

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Governor Just Keeps Improving

Remember they said he campaigned on nothing.
He has been showing his knowledge of governing and budgets since day one.

Now he goes to a level I thought would never again happen, anywhere.

Did President Reagan even reach this level ?


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chivalry, "Feminism" And Mistaken Beliefs Of Well-Meaning Men

Recently I came across a post that was lamenting the supposed death of Chivalry.

Their premise was that since feminism has shown women that all good will by men toward women is condescending. Women must therefore reject all such good will. The fact that we still call the culturally forced objectification of women "feminism" is disconcerting. Only in a backward world that calls night day can this continue. But, that is another several hundred posts.

Seemingly unrelated was an article posted by a truly smart writer, Jonah Goldberg, at Here he poses the theory that feminism got some things right. His premise is very easy to fall into agreement with when he discusses the horrors that are imposed upon women in sub-human cultures dominated by, and evolving from, Islam, Animism and Communism. However, his belief that as women grew more powerful in the culture they made men better is without any support.

In real life terms it was one man that gave the western world a visible belief in the dignity of women.

With the coming of The Christ the dignity of the woman was cemented in western culture.

To all of the Catholic world, which was once all of the western world, all women, each and every woman, is a reflection of Our Lady.

It is from that single important belief of the Dignity of Mary that we in the west developed what is elegantly referred to as Chivalry.

Without the pre-existing knowledge that women are respected there would never have been a "feminism" movement. They would have been ignored or punished, not given all the tools they were, to help drag this culture further into the depths within which we are currently mired.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Larry King: The Greatest Interviewer, EVER

After watching the exceptionally excellent interview with NY Gov. Paterson I wondered if it were possible to be an even more incompetent boob.

Not even a month passed before I got the answer.

Sarah Palin Plays The Deranged Like A Fiddle

She is an artist.
While others talk about doing this, Mrs. Palin has achieved so much success at it she is a marvel to watch.
I can hardly wait for the next concerto.

There Is Absolutely Nothing That Could Go Wrong With This Plan

Some bright light in The United States Senate has that whole immigrant worker taking a job from an American thing all worked out.

Just because companies have been fooled by forged or stolen Social Security numbers is no reason to think that going even further into the depths of government invasion of privacy will not fix everything.

The Conservative's Answer To 0bama's "Health" "Care" "Reform" Plan

I swipe this shamelessly due to it's sheer brilliance.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Not All Conspiracies Are A Group Of Powerful Men Sitting Around A Large Table

More likely than not they aren't conspiracies at all.
Rather they are the separate plans of the like-minded.

Here are three stories about ideas that seem to have been arrived at in completely different circumstances at completely different times. Yet, they all go together in a very cohesive manner.

Striking number of obesity risks hit minority kids
Hidden Healthcare Reform Objective: Feds Want to Know Your Number
Planned Parenthood to Open Largest Abortion Business Soon in Houston, Texas

Like-minded, evil, inhumane, obscene, minds.

Another Bright Spot In The Republican Party

Even if Doug Turner is only half the Governor that Gary Johnson was he is still infinitely better than the mess that ran New Mexico into the ground the last two terms.

Doug Turner for New Mexico

An Expression This Artful Deserves To Be Quoted

Larry Gatlin sitting in on Hannity's "Great, Great American Panel" addressing Sen. Reid "riding in" to save us from a situation he helped to cause.
"It's like the veterinarian and the taxidermist, either way you get your dog back, but you don't get it both ways"

This Is What Passes For Science These Days

The folks over at have a short article on the effects of earthquakes on the balance of earth mass.

Sounds like a good read for a lazy day, yes ?

Until you read it and realize that this is the kind of stuff that AGW types write:
One Earth day is about 24 hours long. Over the course of a year, the length of day normally changes gradually by one millisecond. It increases in the winter, when the Earth rotates more slowly, and decreases in the summer, Gross has said in the past.
Whose winter/summer has such a profound effect on the length of day ? Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere ?
There is actually a link in that "length of day" stuff that has an even smarter article on how the day is getting longer because humans are polluting the planet.

Another bright spot in the article that defies mathematics, and probably physics, is:

The 9.1 Sumatran earthquake in 2004, which set off a deadly tsunami, should have shortened Earth's days by 6.8 microseconds and shifted its axis by about 2.76 inches (7 cm, or 2.32 milliarcseconds).
8.8 earthquake that struck Chile....1.26 milliseconds.....also found that it should have moved Earth's figure axis by about 3 inches (8 cm or 27 milliarcseconds).

That's right. Moving the Earth's figure axis, it's mass balance, by 12.5% more caused a move of 18,529.4% more.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So, Scott Brown Does What He Said He Would Do........

So what ?
Sen. Brown voted for cloture on the 0bama jobs bill, thus sending it toward the eventual passage. Or, something.
Well, by the way the story has been spun, if Sen. Brown had voted against the bill it would have been fully stymied.
Not so fast.
The truth of the matter is that those Libertarian Republican( hahahahahaha) poster-child members of The United States Senate voted for it as well. Further proof that ANY Republican is better than ANY Democrat.
More like further proof that Libertarian Republicans are still just as irrelevant as ever.

I await the further brilliance of Eric Dondero on how Senators Collins and Snowe are proof that Republican Party = Libertarian Party.

In case you need to read up on your argument before you respond Eric, here is the crap you spouted previously:
How To Elect A Candidate That Hasn't Been Deemed "The Only One That Can Win"
Quick Quiz

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mr. President

.....and thank you for the great gift of your service and example of what it means to be a good and great man !

Monday, February 15, 2010

For Those Still Too Stupid To Understand Just How Ugly The Republican Party Has Become

If you still cling to the gross stupidity that is "any Republican is better than the best Democrat", just because he calls himself a Republican-and you know who you are. (she/herself - for the English impaired)

I offer the brilliant, short, simple phraseology of the genius that is Andrew Breitbart
Pretty simple. Pieces of shit.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quick Quiz

What does John McCain understand that Eric Dondero will never, ever understand ?

That being a member of the Republican Party is not enough.

h/t: Dennis Byrne

Friday, February 12, 2010

No Reason

Just to gratuitously post this:

I especially like the inclusion of John Blutarsky

Given Enough Time They Were Bound to Solve The Problem

Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim.

The single greatest fear for today's airline passenger has been the possibility of a terrorist causing your death while in transit.

The latest government intrusion into the airline passenger's personal freedom has solved the problem of Muslim terror aboard airliners.

Credit where it is due

GO TSA !!!!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

It Is Said That The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend

I now add that the enemies of my friend are a bunch of completely misguided, anti-American, Progressive/Socialists !

These clowns only wish that the drive and determination of TEA Party activists would be a fad.

Before We Go Looking For A Scott Brown Here In Illinois

Or, anywhere else, for that matter.

We all need to remember that there is a HUGE difference between a New England Republican and a Liberty-minded Freedom Loving Conservative.

Among these differences is the primary and fundamental belief in the Sanctity of Life and the knowledge that the purpose of government is to support the God-given rights of Life and Liberty for all men.

While it may appear that saying he is against Federally funded abortion he is Libertarian in his leanings, there is no way that anyone can demand that their tax dollars are not used in that manner. Taxes go into a big pot and after the graft those dollars get doled out according to the whims of the current Congress.

Those supposed Libertarian leanings are just pandering to the center left. New England style.

As far as being a Republican, keep this phrase in mind : "Brown has said the GOP shouldn’t take his vote for granted on every issue. He says he’s fiscally conservative but more moderate on social issues."

Why be a Republican, then, except for the only reason any of them are: Ballot Access !

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Is Kirk Dillard The New "Dede" Scozzafava ?

The irrepressible Dana Loesch has a very good look at Kirk Dillard.

Very good reading indeed.

Has Dan Proft Been Called To Properly Explain This ?

Time to remember the "election day shenanigans" of February 24, 2009:
When Cicero Town spokesman Dan Proft claimed the security personnel were necessary, "to make sure Garcia and his hooligans don't cause any problems at the polling places."

Yeah, he sure is a bona fide "Conservative" that will make Illinois a better place.

h/t: John Bambenek

Has Justice Been Done, Or Has It Been Disregarded To Produce The Desired Result ?

There are some that find the actions of Scott Roeder reprehensible. There are some that find his actions to be understandable while not in line with the beliefs that drove him. There are some that see it as a multiple Human Tragedy.
There are some that find his actions the expected even necessary ends given the obscenities of George Tiller's chosen profession.

I find the decision of the jury to be disheartening.

But, even more than that I find the actions of the judge to be disturbing.

I've read that the presiding judge instructed the jury to disregard the defense's contention that Mr. Roeder's actions were to protect life because his actions were to stop a lawful threat.

The judge even reminded the jury that the victim posed no imminent threat to anyone as he stood in his church.

Both are true according to Kansas Statutes. But, is the judge's decision to disallow the “necessity defense” at trial not, "clearly castrating a jury of the defendant’s peers to not allow them to hear the full defense, and the defendant’s justification (in his mind) for doing so…simply because the activity he criminally disrupted was immoral to him." There are yet to be seen consequences of disallowing a defense because "what Tiller did at his clinic Monday through Friday is lawful in Kansas."

Moreover, I have yet to read that the judge instructed the jury of their right to nullify said statutes.

Because he also instructed the jury that they could not consider lesser charges; its only choice was to convict or acquit on first-degree murder.

Every member of the jury knew, as they were reminded by the defense, "The state…has proved that Scott Roeder killed George Tiller. But only you, collectively, can determine if he murdered George Tiller"

With so much evidence that Mr. Roeder had indeed caused the death of Mr. Tiller in a pre-meditated manner, there is no doubt that the jury could not find Mr. Roeder innocent. Unless they were fully knowledgeable about their right to nullify any law.

To those who will say that is allowing Mr. Roeder to get away with murder, I reply, simply, no it is requiring the State to file charges consistent with the sensibilities of the people.

But, did the jury understand the right of nullification ? Did the judge overstep his position ?

We must wait for the appeals to be filed to understand whether or not the defense thinks that there was a grave injustice done here.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Were You Waiting For The Right Endorsement ?

With only eight days until the Republican Primary in Illinois some have still not decided who to vote for.

Well this may be all you Liberty-minded voters need to know: Lech Walesa Endorses Adam Andrzejewski

Walesa, a true hero and a real freedom fighter, brings a great deal of gravitas to the Andrzejewski campaign.

Get out and Vote Illinois.
Let's not let Massachusetts have all the fun.

A: Missed It By That Much

“I’d rather be a really good one-term president than a mediocre two-term president,”

Q: What will 0bama say after 2012 Electoral Defeat ?

Friday, January 22, 2010

When The Press Chimes In The Season Gets Sillier

A simple story in The Chicago Reader on the candidates for the Illinois seat in The United States Senate once held by President 0bama turned into this:

Can this get any better ?

In Illinois, this is just warming up.

h/t: Andrew Marcus

All Y'all Knew It Was Too Good To Be True

Just when we were being told it was safe to go on about our business:
Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.), the ranking member of the House Budget Committee, tells National Review Online that House Democrats are planning to use the budget-reconciliation process in order to pass Obamacare. “They’re meeting with each other this weekend to pursue it,” says Ryan. “I’ve spoken with many Democrats and the message is this: They’re not ready to give up. They’ve waited their entire adult lives for this moment, and they aren’t ready to let 100,000 pesky votes in Massachusetts get in the way of fulfilling their destiny. They’ll look at every option and spend the next four or five days figuring it out.”

If that doesn't work, there is still the old-fashioned way:
A group of 25 House Democrats have begun circulating draft proposals for smaller bills that would not include an individual or employer mandate, any new entitlement programs, or a public option to compete with private insurers....

One election of one Senator is a great start, but this is a long uphill battle.

November will only get here if we continue to press our elected representatives every day until they either represent us or are replaced by those that will represent us.

h/t: Pundit And Pundette

Can We Now Admit That This Guy Is Politically Irrelevant To This Republic ?

Newt Gingrich thinks the Massachusetts Senate race results are:
a renunciation of go-it-alone by either party, and thinks Republicans would be "clever" to pass a series of relatively non-controversial measures with "huge bipartisan majorities."
Because the Republicans have any say at all about what legislation is even addressed.

He was so right in backing Dede Scozzafava.
What a disgrace.

Newt in 2012. HaHaHaHa

h/t: Van Helsing

The Silly Season

Otherwise known as Democratic Primary Season in Illinois.

Dem. candidate for Governor ("Hot Rod" Blagojevich old seat) Dan Hynes has brought back the once revered former Mare of Chicago. For those unfamiliar, this guy:

in an ad reminding us that his opponent, current Governor Pat "Loose Cannon" Quinn is unfit to serve. As if we haven't all been paying attention to him.

The Democrats seem to be getting their campaign ideas from the prosecutors in the Peterson case.
Dig up a body and have it point fingers at the guy you want "dead".

How interesting will things be here in IL, where there is only one real party - The Illinois Combine. Until the Chumbolones wake up.

Maybe some of that NJ, VA, MA magic will come our way.

Could happen.

To keep up with all the shenanigans I recommend the Great John Kass

We Now Know What It Takes For Progressives To Admit That There Is A Constitution

Sen. Schumer (D-NY) has pitched a fit following The United States Supreme Court finding a part of McCain-Feingold unConstitutional.

In a 5-4 decision SCOTUS found that union and corporate paid issue ads cannot be banned in the closing days of campaigns.

"They also overturned two earlier decisions and threw out parts of a 63-year-old law that said companies and unions can be prohibited from using money from their general treasuries to produce and run their own campaign ads urging the election or defeat of particular candidates by name"

So, old Chuck has decided that A): There should be hearings on this "un-American decision" and B): "we need to consider a Constitutional amendment"

What a guy !
He has come to believe that there actually is a Constitution (a real one, not the fake "living" one), and that now it needs to be Amended - almost Founder-like, WOW
He has come to realize that The Supreme Court is not the final arbiter of all things Constitutional - which up until now was the left's second sacrament, second only to abortion, but I digress.

Just as soon as Chuckie goes and flips his lid along come 0bama with some brilliance.
This will lead to a “stampede of special interest money in our politics.”

In his calling it a victory for Big Oil and Big Banks and Big Insurance and Big Other Things, he left out the fact that there was no crying from the left about Big Union having that freedom in the past and all this did was level the playing field.

But, the left does not do so well when the playing field is level, now do they ?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

This Is One Way To Shake Things Up

For a guy that campaigned on nothing, he sure did his homework.

The good people of New Jersey have an interesting Governor.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

For Those Who Cannot Bring Themselves To Believe In Such Dishonesty

Genius Andrew Breitbart's Big Government brings us this gem, complete with the woman giving us her name as she violates the sanctity of the election (not to mention election laws).

New Math in old Mass.

Sometimes one and one are more than 3 million

It all comes together when you just look at it.

The Democ-rats/Liberals/"Progressives" put out their information packs on what to do before they set out to do it.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Straight From The Horse's Ass

This is how they have done it.
This is how they will do it, again.

h/t's: Pamela Geller, Chicks on the Right

Friday, January 15, 2010

How To Elect A Candidate That Hasn't Been Deemed "The Only One That Can Win"

Vote for that candidate.

Pretty simple stuff, but it eludes the smartest of them.

There are some bloggers that go on at great length about how any Republican is better than a Democrat all the while completely missing the obvious: The lesser of evils is still evil.

But, it is especially harmful when that blogger pretends to be a "Libertarian-Republican" while spouting such stupidity.

Maybe at first glance it seems as if any Republican is better than a Democrat but a simple thinking through of that idea will quickly put it to shame.

By putting any Republican on the ticket we got 2006 and 2008. How is that working so far ?
Do you really believe that if we had succumbed to the horror of putting candidates with true Republic minded principles on the ballots in 2006 and 2008 things would be worse ?

"Libertarian-Republicans" like this have been seated squarely upon their shoulders for too long to be of any use to Liberty-minded Republican-principled voters to pay any further mind.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Will the Giant Corporations use Government to Crush the Competition

Let's watch and see if little YMAX Corp. will be squashed by regulations into submission.
All of the biggies tried to come up with this type of system, but it cost to much for them to put into use.
Now here comes the MagicJack guys with a system that is cheap and works.

How long before "regulatory capture" ends this capitalist venture ?

Co-National Champions

The University of Alabama Crimson Tide have beaten The University of Texas Longhorns in the very much strained and contrived BCS "National Championship Game"

It took a fumble recovery in the last minutes for 'Bama to beat a freshman QB led Texas side. If the freshman QB had just 30 minutes more of playing time this season, by my reckoning, 'Bama would have been beaten soundly.

In another game between unbeatens, the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs and the Boise State University Broncos were able to counter their opponents offenses evenly and consistently throughout the whole game, with only a fake punt being able to put the Broncos over the top.

Remember the old adage "Defense wins Championships" ?

The Lights of Albuquerque shine on the evidence that Boise State University and The University of Alabama ought to be co-National Champions.

If only Congress would get on this issue of great National importance.
I am kidding.

Maybe This Will Pass the Test of the Constitution That She Swore an Oath to "Preserve and Protect"

In the great State of Louisiana a petition to recall Sen. Landrieu has been accepted by the Secretary of State.

Two bloggers much closer to the story have it covered:
And So It Goes In Shreveport
Caught Him With A Corndog

Come on all you Freedom loving Louisianans.

Greed May Be The Deadliest Sin

Abortion as a means of birth-control has always been about money.
While there have been other reasons used to rationalize the use of abortion, there will always be at it's root cause one thing - money.

How can I afford a(nother) baby ?
How can I afford a special needs baby.
Usually, as I said, intermingled with the compassion of how can I bring a(nother) baby into this world, especially a special needs baby ?

All the while, of course, calling it a mass of cells or some such way of denying the truth.

I will be alone if I do not abort it, my "man" will leave me.

This one can all by itself fill days of explaining that ain't a man. What the hell are you thinking being with a guy that would kill a baby just so he can keep his toys ? This guy will kill a baby, what the hell do you think he thinks of you ? Forget the dream of a long train on your wedding gown and the beautiful veil, this guy has and will kill all of your dreams.
See, it becomes pretty obvious that is a boy; a spoiled rotten little boy. But, truly what did you all expect to happen when the feminist (there is a great misnomer) movement pushed their emasculating agenda on the culture ?

So very compassionate to determine that your own needs trump that of anyone else, but surely they are more important than a baby's.

Now, if only all of the women that choose abortion just come to grips with the real reason.

It is several thousand dollars less expensive to abort than to raise a child.
At what price ?
Future episodes of depression and an increase in the chances of contracting breast cancer. Leaving out the damage to your immortal soul, is it really worth it ?

In fits of anger, I say let the liberal idiots kill themselves off.

Then I am overwhelmed with feelings of shame and guilt and repent of such hateful thoughts, because they are not killing themselves off. They are killing others at the altar of their own making.

Liberal compassion is killing the weakest so that they have more for themselves.

That is the essence of abortion.

Greed in a manner only Satan can smile at.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Passive-Aggressive Behavior meets Superiority Complex

I couldn't help but wonder if this is an example of Passive-Aggressive behavior.
President pantywaist has been coddled, massaged, manhandled and manipulated his whole life, and now he is trying to get back at his controllers.
He has to show 'em all who is boss. Kind of.
That he is more than willing to submit his country to the humiliation that true subjugation is in his efforts to escape his own feelings of subjugation only points out an even more troubling behavior.
This goes beyond Narcissism. This eclipses Superiority Complexes like a well-timed calling on the sun to be darkened by a time-traveler in a bad Sci-Fi movie.
This has got to be a new Disorder not yet seen by modern psychology.
To put the First Sasquatch in her place, along with countless others perhaps, he is prepared to put the US under Sharia law. That'll get her to shut up, and cover up those hideous "fashions", too.
Why else would 0bama be willing to put some of the worst of our current Gitmo residents into the hotbed of terror-training that Yemen has become ?
Why else would he so embolden Al Qaeda ?
This is Passive-Aggressive on Viagra.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A Happy New Year To All

The Lights of Albuquerque are shining brightly, there has been a Pundit & Pundette-alanche.

Thank you all for stopping by and viewing my infrequent rants.

Thank You Pundit & Pundette for being so brilliant that folks couldn't help but come here for a compare and contrast.