Monday, August 30, 2010

Not That There Is Any Real Surprise

But if there was a lack of evidence that we as a nation are in dire straits, one look at this will be enough.

Over 50 % of voters that call themselves Republicans consider Health Care, The Financial System(whatever that means) and Energy as important issues in the upcoming Congressional election. We all expect, and receive, that type of un-Constitutional feeling from Democrats. Now it is plain to see that Republicans feel that way too, and are also unworthy of the franchise.

More than one radio talker makes a good living spouting the thoughtless statement "it is time to take back the Republican Party". Take it back from whom, exactly ? This is not just a bunch of corrupt men at the top. Nor is it a bunch of good minded men that were corrupted by the system. This is the Republican Party. If you dream of, wish for and want an America that you claim to want; one with the ideals of the founders and the vigor of those that built her to greatness, then speak the truth to all. The Republican Party and the Democrat Party are one and the same.

They may differ on how fast we achieve Socialism, but they are both taking us there.

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