Friday, October 16, 2009

Will the rest of the Republicans come around ?

Or, rather more likely, will they just admit that the only thing the Republican Party is interested in is keeping the Republican Party relevant and in power ?

That great bastion of conservative values Newt Gingrich has been supporting another RINO. Yeah BIG SURPRISE.
There is only ONE reason to call yourself a Republican. Instant ballot access.

The real ideas of Republicanism have been put into a box by the Republican Party. Through the actions of their collusion with the Democratic Party they have closed off, for all intents and purposes, any real democratic process of electing anyone that is not ready to toe the RepubliCrat line.

Need a very recent example of GOP selling out ? Look no further than New York State's special election in the 23rd district.
In the middle of the greatest expansion of federal authority in US history, the "Republican" Party has thrown it's full weight into supporting another non-Conservative.

Can we now stop referring to Republicans as Conservatives ?

Just as the Democratic Party left Ronald Reagan, so too has the Republican Party left Ronald Reagan !
If you call yourself a Reagan-anything you too must leave the Republican Party.

To all those that say "if we leave the Republican Party we will never get the Country back to conservative values", I ask, how are we doing so far ?

Thanks again for the ONE McCain worth a damn.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama made a decision, and it was wrong

Any person with knowledge of history, a brain and a desire to get the facts before spouting off stupidities would have made a different decision. But, we are talking about 0bama, so, he should have waited until he got this report.

Thankfully, all we need do is read the wrap-up at The Patriot Room to be reminded that Zelaya was a threat to peace and liberty that no civilized nation should have to put up with.

Friday, October 9, 2009

So many accomplishments in so little time

But, without doubt the greatest single achievement in President Obama's short time as "Leader of the Free World" is the complete and total dismantling of the world view of The United States of America as a Superpower.

He has, single-handedly, removed the need for any aggressor-nation to fear reprisals.

For that I most strongly assure you that United States President Barack Hussein Obama is the most deserving recipient of The Nobel Peace Prize,

More nirvana
Let's put aside the notion that the President "won" the Nobel Peace Prize for anything directly to do with peace. It was awarded to him precisely because he has temporarily weakened the US. That history shows such strategies invariably lead to war is beside the point.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Congrats, Mr. President, you finally made a decision.....sort of

The popular version of the current issue about if and when to sent more troops to Afghanistan per Gen. McChrystal's request is one that cast the Gen. in a bad light. It is told in a way that makes the Gen. seem to be going around the chain of command in seeking his request's approval.

So far, we are getting the story that the Gen. asked for more troops, and other things, to be sure, but, Pres. Obama has to determine the proper strategy before deciding on whether the Gen. was correct in his request.

But, the truth is that Pres. Obama had set his strategy in March. It was based upon that strategy that Gen. McChrystal sent his request to Pres. Obama.

Now is the time to follow through on that strategy.

Yet, it is becoming increasingly clearer that the President is unable to make a decision and keep with it. When he does make up his mind it is only a matter of time before he changes it and then cannot decide.

Also becoming clearer is President Obama's indecisive manner of making decisions. He waits until his indecision polarizes those involved.

Thus insuring the galvanizing of the reason for his decision. Almost without fail the opposite of whatever he said in his campaign. A campaign that has yet to cease.

Alas, Pres. Obama has all he needs to make the decision that goes counter to all he said in campaign mode, and he will make the most of it, too.

And not one of the statist-minded media will call him out on it !

UPDATE: I didn't see this until after I posted, but, wow, to think that I was on the same wavelength as Pamela Gellar.........................nirvana

UPDATE: This isn't gonna change a thing

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Unlike that evil Bush.........

How y'all are ? Talofa lava. It is very comforting to know that after the unusal amount of rain in the Southern United States and the eventual flooding damages; which were recently followed by the terrible outcome of a tsunami broaching Samoan shores, that this President of the United States has planned a trip.

Not at all like the uncaring evil Bush, who waited and waited

Well done Mr. President taking this very important trip to Copenhagen, Denmark.

As my favorite shoe-leather beating reporter/news gatherer would say
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ?!?!?!?!?!?!