Friday, October 16, 2009

Will the rest of the Republicans come around ?

Or, rather more likely, will they just admit that the only thing the Republican Party is interested in is keeping the Republican Party relevant and in power ?

That great bastion of conservative values Newt Gingrich has been supporting another RINO. Yeah BIG SURPRISE.
There is only ONE reason to call yourself a Republican. Instant ballot access.

The real ideas of Republicanism have been put into a box by the Republican Party. Through the actions of their collusion with the Democratic Party they have closed off, for all intents and purposes, any real democratic process of electing anyone that is not ready to toe the RepubliCrat line.

Need a very recent example of GOP selling out ? Look no further than New York State's special election in the 23rd district.
In the middle of the greatest expansion of federal authority in US history, the "Republican" Party has thrown it's full weight into supporting another non-Conservative.

Can we now stop referring to Republicans as Conservatives ?

Just as the Democratic Party left Ronald Reagan, so too has the Republican Party left Ronald Reagan !
If you call yourself a Reagan-anything you too must leave the Republican Party.

To all those that say "if we leave the Republican Party we will never get the Country back to conservative values", I ask, how are we doing so far ?

Thanks again for the ONE McCain worth a damn.

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