Thursday, January 27, 2011

Racism ?

The candidacy and eventual election of Barack 0bama caused a great deal of talk, or better put, accusations of racism. Initially it was the claim that any disagreement with Mr. 0bama on any position was because he was black. Truth be told, that was the claim throughout his candidacy and remains the pre-eminent claim to date.

Never mind that some who have disagreements with President 0bama's policies are black. Never mind that some who have disagreements with President 0bama's policies are more black than 0bama is. Never mind that 0bama is only half black, as it were, on his father's side.

The claim and charges of racism were then and are now still only intended to stifle debate. To ensure that the opposition not get a chance to enter into a public debate. It is merely a way to squelch speech that does not meet the requirements of the State sponsoring media.

However, there seems to be an unintended consequence to this being used as the method of suppressing speech. I hesitate to make it appear as something unheard of, but, I must say that it does seem to be more visible now.

In the past America was able to see and hear, for at least a little while, a very patriotic, strong minded black man speak not only well of his country but of her future. Until the media pushed the meme of his being crazy. So strongly did the media push this, that the so called conservative radio hosts dared not mention Alan Keyes name lest they feel the ridicule upon themselves.

But, now, today, I can name more such patriotic, strong minded men that look like Dr. Keyes being in the public arena than I can ever recall.

The possibility of Herman Cain throwing his hat into the political ring in pursuit of the Presidency is no less than thrilling.

The people of his district, and others who know of Lt. Col. Allan West from AtlasShrugs, and elsewhere, know that he, too, is a great American.

Every reader of WorldNetDaily and the listeners of Rush Limbaugh's EIB network know the brilliance of Walter Williams.

If you are a listener of Dennis Miller's radio show or have ever looked at Townhall you are well aware of the amazing Thomas Sowell.

Each and every one of them are without doubt head and shoulders above the current possible crop of likely candidates for higher office in 2012. Each and every one of them is also darker of skin tone than 0bama.

If a disdain for the progressive/liberal/socialistic policies of 0bama is racism, then agreeing with the conservative/Constitutional/capitalistic policies espoused by any of these five good men must also be racism.

Yet, I find no reason not to vote for any one of them.