Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Disappointing Jury

The Verdicts are in:
The Jury in the Rod/Rob Blagojevich trial has come back.

They have found that they are unable to come to a unanimous decision in 23 counts that apply to either Blago Bro. No surprise there. While other s will find disappointment in this I only can manage a smirk and a shrug.

The real disappointing aspect of this is that those same 12 believe that lying to a Fed is a crime.

Lying to the Federal government ought to be considered standard procedure. A Virtue.

Illinois Sucks !


SpeakDog said...

Was there ever any doubt that this would play out this way?

It's amazing what a little corruption can do to a jury's, um, shall we say, "viewpoint"....

Now, if the Feds don't refile their charges, the next step is for Blago to write his book.

Jeff Stone said...

As it turns out, if current reports hold true, there was only ONE holdout in the jury.

That does not surprise.

If only this State would crumble and fall into Lake Michigan, then we could rebuild.