Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Jim Edgar: Idiot Savant

Former Governor of Illinois, one of a select few not either serving time or on trial, has grown tired of the Blago trial.

Now that the trial has ended and Blago's fate in the hands of the jury, Edgar just wants to know when it will end.

Jimmy, here's a clue for you: when the jury comes back with a verdict !

This moron had no problem with the State needing more time to file charges. The only reason the State would need more time filing charges against Blago should have been to stop laughing long enough to file the charges.

He had no problem with the State filing charges that were based on an issue that was to be argued in The Supreme Court and could be shown to be legal acts. No, his problem is that the duly selected citizens of the State of Illinois to deliberate the facts of the trial were taking their oath seriously.

Illinois sucks.

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