Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chivalry, "Feminism" And Mistaken Beliefs Of Well-Meaning Men

Recently I came across a post that was lamenting the supposed death of Chivalry.

Their premise was that since feminism has shown women that all good will by men toward women is condescending. Women must therefore reject all such good will. The fact that we still call the culturally forced objectification of women "feminism" is disconcerting. Only in a backward world that calls night day can this continue. But, that is another several hundred posts.

Seemingly unrelated was an article posted by a truly smart writer, Jonah Goldberg, at Here he poses the theory that feminism got some things right. His premise is very easy to fall into agreement with when he discusses the horrors that are imposed upon women in sub-human cultures dominated by, and evolving from, Islam, Animism and Communism. However, his belief that as women grew more powerful in the culture they made men better is without any support.

In real life terms it was one man that gave the western world a visible belief in the dignity of women.

With the coming of The Christ the dignity of the woman was cemented in western culture.

To all of the Catholic world, which was once all of the western world, all women, each and every woman, is a reflection of Our Lady.

It is from that single important belief of the Dignity of Mary that we in the west developed what is elegantly referred to as Chivalry.

Without the pre-existing knowledge that women are respected there would never have been a "feminism" movement. They would have been ignored or punished, not given all the tools they were, to help drag this culture further into the depths within which we are currently mired.

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