Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Question Isn't Would Reagan Be "Reagan Enough", It Is When Will The Republican Party Stop Supporting A Scozzafava Over A Hoffman

There is still way too much whining going on about conservative voters wanting to get candidates that represent their conservative values.
Including such nonsense about Reagan not being "Reagan enough".
In the 1976 Republican primaries Reagan was not "Reagan enough" to beat Gerry Ford for crying out loud. The Gerry Ford that couldn't beat Jimmy Carter. 0bama without the hate America streak.

Stop with the whining about there being too much call for conservative values and get on with giving voters a conservative option to the Democrats Progressive/Socialist.

After buying the bill of goods that was 1994, conservatives all went along with the "Party over principle" idea.
This was done in the 1996 and 1998 and 2000 and 2002 and 2004 elections.
Slowly we all woke up and realized that the Party had left our conservative principles behind. Some of us woke up earlier than others.
In 2006 conservatives did not vote for the lesser of two evils in the percentages that they had in the past five elections; so much less that the Democrats regained control of Congress.
In 2008 the Republican Party still hadn't shown much concern for principles that matched the conservative principles of Republican voters, but some Republican candidates did.
Those candidates were supported.
Now here we are with the 2010 election cycle in full swing and we are being told to keep holding our noses and vote R just so a D doesn't win. (NY-23 anyone? The RNC supported Scozzafava. See Post Title) Hell no.
We already see what we get when we voted Socialist lite from 1996-2004. That wasn't very good.
Many "Republicans" then ask was it better than we got in 2008 ?
Yes, but the elections of 2006 and 2008 would not have resulted in the debacle we are in had the Republican Party stayed true to their constituency. Now, out of power, all the Republicans are crying that we have to stick together and support them.
Where were they when we called for Fiscal Responsibility and Laws that re-established The Congress as the Legislative Branch not The Supreme Court ?!?!?!?
For nearly 37 years the Republican voters of this nation have sought for and end to unlimited, unfettered destruction of pre-born babies. We are still waiting and praying.
If the Republicans do attain power, they will not repeal the monstrosity that is "Health" "Care" "Reform"any quicker.
There is power and control over the people in that law and they will be in power and they will want that power to remain. They were the Party that got the great example of individual liberties The PATRIOT ACT passed. When the Republican Party presents candidates that represent conservative principles conservative voters will vote for them.
The Republican Party can be and is a "big tent".
Scott Brown does not represent the conservative values held by the majority of Utah Republicans but he won election in his own home State of Massachusetts because he represents the values of Massuchusetts Republicans and very many non-Republicans.

That is how Republicans will win elections.

By representing the values of the voters. Before and after elections.

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