Friday, January 8, 2010

Greed May Be The Deadliest Sin

Abortion as a means of birth-control has always been about money.
While there have been other reasons used to rationalize the use of abortion, there will always be at it's root cause one thing - money.

How can I afford a(nother) baby ?
How can I afford a special needs baby.
Usually, as I said, intermingled with the compassion of how can I bring a(nother) baby into this world, especially a special needs baby ?

All the while, of course, calling it a mass of cells or some such way of denying the truth.

I will be alone if I do not abort it, my "man" will leave me.

This one can all by itself fill days of explaining that ain't a man. What the hell are you thinking being with a guy that would kill a baby just so he can keep his toys ? This guy will kill a baby, what the hell do you think he thinks of you ? Forget the dream of a long train on your wedding gown and the beautiful veil, this guy has and will kill all of your dreams.
See, it becomes pretty obvious that is a boy; a spoiled rotten little boy. But, truly what did you all expect to happen when the feminist (there is a great misnomer) movement pushed their emasculating agenda on the culture ?

So very compassionate to determine that your own needs trump that of anyone else, but surely they are more important than a baby's.

Now, if only all of the women that choose abortion just come to grips with the real reason.

It is several thousand dollars less expensive to abort than to raise a child.
At what price ?
Future episodes of depression and an increase in the chances of contracting breast cancer. Leaving out the damage to your immortal soul, is it really worth it ?

In fits of anger, I say let the liberal idiots kill themselves off.

Then I am overwhelmed with feelings of shame and guilt and repent of such hateful thoughts, because they are not killing themselves off. They are killing others at the altar of their own making.

Liberal compassion is killing the weakest so that they have more for themselves.

That is the essence of abortion.

Greed in a manner only Satan can smile at.

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