Friday, January 22, 2010

The Silly Season

Otherwise known as Democratic Primary Season in Illinois.

Dem. candidate for Governor ("Hot Rod" Blagojevich old seat) Dan Hynes has brought back the once revered former Mare of Chicago. For those unfamiliar, this guy:

in an ad reminding us that his opponent, current Governor Pat "Loose Cannon" Quinn is unfit to serve. As if we haven't all been paying attention to him.

The Democrats seem to be getting their campaign ideas from the prosecutors in the Peterson case.
Dig up a body and have it point fingers at the guy you want "dead".

How interesting will things be here in IL, where there is only one real party - The Illinois Combine. Until the Chumbolones wake up.

Maybe some of that NJ, VA, MA magic will come our way.

Could happen.

To keep up with all the shenanigans I recommend the Great John Kass

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