Monday, January 4, 2010

Passive-Aggressive Behavior meets Superiority Complex

I couldn't help but wonder if this is an example of Passive-Aggressive behavior.
President pantywaist has been coddled, massaged, manhandled and manipulated his whole life, and now he is trying to get back at his controllers.
He has to show 'em all who is boss. Kind of.
That he is more than willing to submit his country to the humiliation that true subjugation is in his efforts to escape his own feelings of subjugation only points out an even more troubling behavior.
This goes beyond Narcissism. This eclipses Superiority Complexes like a well-timed calling on the sun to be darkened by a time-traveler in a bad Sci-Fi movie.
This has got to be a new Disorder not yet seen by modern psychology.
To put the First Sasquatch in her place, along with countless others perhaps, he is prepared to put the US under Sharia law. That'll get her to shut up, and cover up those hideous "fashions", too.
Why else would 0bama be willing to put some of the worst of our current Gitmo residents into the hotbed of terror-training that Yemen has become ?
Why else would he so embolden Al Qaeda ?
This is Passive-Aggressive on Viagra.

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