Thursday, January 29, 2009

Governor Patrick J. Quinn

Governor Patrick J. Quinn

May God Help Us All !

When I moved to Illinois in 2003, I called Rod Blagojevich "Governor One-Term". Little did I realize the full incompetence of the IL GOP. Of course it didn't take long to see just how incompetent. Jack Ryan forced out of the US Senate race and replaced by Alan Keyes(I will say no more on him). But, that is not all. In their combined best effort at stopping a return to Springfield of Blago the IL GOP chose Judy Baar Topinka. (She who screwed up the IL GOP and twisted it into an unrecognizable mess by allowing a non-story to taint a decent man when his SEALED divorce records were not only un-sealed, but made public-in a very Obama-kind-of-way and we learned that *gasp* he was inclined to ask his then-wife to have sex outside of the bedroom; essentially handing the US Senate seat to Barack Obama; as Steve Earle sang-you know the rest.) and Joe Birkett(He of the so-very-borderline-criminally-handled Nicarico case) as their candidates.

So, now we have a well-meaning loose cannon as Gov, and no discernable opposition.

as Jimmy Buffet sang-the weather is here, I wish you were beautiful


SpeakDog said...

I moved here in 2004, smack in the middle of the Ryan fiasco.

I've since found out that Illinois has Democrats, and it has Democrats that pose as Republicans so as to provide some semblance of a two party system.

The government of this state comes not from Springfield, but from the corrupt bowels of hell that is known as Chicago. Those jags are dirty from top to bottom, and no one seems to care.

It's become a national joke, and part of Chicago (hence, Illinois') "charm".

My step-daughter graduates from high school in 6 years. The u-haul will be idling in the parking lot while the ceremony goes on. Then, we get the hell out of this nightmare.

Jeff Stone said...

If you need any help loading up, all you need do is say so. This State will sorely miss you, but, I will understand and help you.
If only to live vicariously through you as I await my own "end-of-sentence".