Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Law of the Land – optional

Seems Ole Happy has had his way.

Senator Burris was not seated.

With there being no legitimate reason for such an act, how long will the charade of The United States Constitution being the Law of the land continue ?

There are many examples of The Constitution being pissed on, but these may be the most, biggest at any one time !

The President-to-be is Constitutionally ineligible

United States Senate blocks seating of Constitutionally Qualified Senator

Secretary of State nominee is Constitutionally ineligible

All of those links are to a commentary site, but, there are no real news sites still reporting this as news. Frankly any news site that did report it is either scoffed or has rolled over on it and made them all disappear.

Oh, there will be reporting on what Happy did, and his meeting with Sen Burris, but it will all revolve around the topic of who the Il Governor is and the red herring that the IL Secretary of State is.

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