Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Coincidental by plan ?

I am not a big believer in conspiracy theories. They usually are formulated by ignoring some very important information. You are probably very well aware of the more popular conspiracy theories. If you are a Progressive, you probably believe them.

However, it is very hard to overlook the plain fact that oftentimes there are like minded individuals that come together in a strange, unconscious way. A sort of Kismet.

President-to-be Obama has selected Dr Sanjay Gupta to be US Surgeon General. Dr Gupta has supported a tax on drinks sweetened by corn syrup.

OK, now it devolves a wee bit.

Pepsi-Cola has changed their logo to one that is cleverly reminiscent of The Obama logo without looking like it.

Pepsi-Cola has marketing people that know how to move product by subliminal means.
Pepsi-Cola is sweetened by corn syrup.
Obama wants to find new sources of revenue.
Obama selects a Surgeon general that will advance the cause of taxing corn syrup.

A win-win

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