Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The real reason today was significant

Did you hear it ?!?!?

It happened today, January 20, 2009 A.D.
There was a peaceful transfer of power.
Not a shot was fired.
Not a prolonged nor escalating war of competing factions.

We have become so good at doing this very amazing thing that it has become necessary for the media and others to go find a reason for it's importance.

Is it a big deal that we have a President with a naturally dark skin tone ?
It oughtn't be.
But, those that tell us race should not matter, that we are in a post-racial time, they will be the loudest to proclaim the importance of President Obama's skin tone.

He is African-American. More importantly he is truly African-American. He was conceived of an American mother and an African father. Otherwise, there really is no real meaning to the term African-American.

So, everybody, no matter your skin tone, political leaning, party affiliation, religion or lack thereof, CELEBRATE what we have been doing since 1799 when President Washington witnessed the inauguration of President Adams.

The peaceful transfer of power in the Greatest Republic God Has Ever Allowed.

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