Monday, January 5, 2009

The Obama Way

We get to see Obama win the general election even though we (by we here, I mean those outside of Illinois) know little to nothing about him. Even if you wanted to find out, the records are either non-existent or sealed. Mr. Transparent. Hope for a change in that matter.
Then we get to see Obama, after discarding anyone that could make him look bad by their, non-hidden, past, choose his supporting cast.
Where to begin ?
His pick for Secretary of State is Constitutionally ineligible, but when was the last time that mattered ?
Then his choice for Secretary of Commerce, a man that took a big risk by showing his support for Obama in a tight race, goes on record saying that this man from Illinois is Constitutionally ineligible to be President.

So, now that we know that there were financial links between Gov Richardson's PAC's and a few lucrative government contracts, now we see that there might be a problem for Obama.
But, it wasn't the same day the NM Grand Jury started investigating.
It wasn't even the same week.
Was it even because of the investigation ?
Was it more probably because as the investigation gets more and more information, it will be harder and harder to keep it out of the news. Which will mean that people will really starting to do web searches of the SecCom designate. Which mean people will see this video. Then what ? We cannot have a SecCom that wears a tin-foil hat.

This is very similiar to how Obama was in Illinois politics. The cut-me-in-or-cut-it-out thinking translates easily to the when-you-make-me-look-bad-I-cut-you-out way at which Obama has shown great skill.

The Obama Way

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