Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chicago Politics - Minnesota Style

There are numerous jokes told in Illinois around the time of elections. Many of them ending in the phrase "vote early and vote often". Some of them are even funny. What makes them funny is that they are grounded in truth.

Now, we see that Minnesotans will get to start their own brand of such humor. This is due to the recent ability of Minnesotans to cast more ballots in some precincts than there are registered voters.

While most of the country has a 30-50 % turnout, there are precincts in Minnesota that will make some Chicago ward captains blush with shame at their own 75% turnout abilities.

Not since Richard J. Daley have I seen 100% plus turnouts.

But, that ain't all. They have achieved Chicago political nirvana - the Judges are in their pocket.

Congratulations Minnesota, you have arrived at the pinnacle; the crowning achievement of Democrat politics.

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