Friday, June 4, 2010

Soccer Is For Sissies

A Canadian Youth Soccer club has only verified what we already knew to be true: Soccer is for sissies.

When one team of achievers wins a game by more than five points - they lose the game.

All of the non-Western world watches and waits until this generation is of age.

Canada is doing it first, but, it is doubtful that this grand plan will not take hold elsewhere, ensuring that those that wish to excel will have those desires squashed.

From FoxNews: The club director, in an attempt to cover up the truth,
"told the Post the league is simply trying to make the game fair and that the new rule will eventually be replaced by a pre-season skill assessment to make fair teams

If he knows it is a bad idea, why do it ?
Is it because the adults are too lazy to do it right to begin with, or is this just his way of saying, "move along, nothing to see here", so that next year they can just continue to weaken the culture one game at a time ?

Floyd thought of the one way that this does help those that wish to excel:
So if the one team kicks the ball 6 times into their own goal is that a victory? It’s a conniving sumbitch’s dream!
Excel at underhanded, treacherous deception.

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