Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So, Scott Brown Does What He Said He Would Do........

So what ?
Sen. Brown voted for cloture on the 0bama jobs bill, thus sending it toward the eventual passage. Or, something.
Well, by the way the story has been spun, if Sen. Brown had voted against the bill it would have been fully stymied.
Not so fast.
The truth of the matter is that those Libertarian Republican( hahahahahaha) poster-child members of The United States Senate voted for it as well. Further proof that ANY Republican is better than ANY Democrat.
More like further proof that Libertarian Republicans are still just as irrelevant as ever.

I await the further brilliance of Eric Dondero on how Senators Collins and Snowe are proof that Republican Party = Libertarian Party.

In case you need to read up on your argument before you respond Eric, here is the crap you spouted previously:
How To Elect A Candidate That Hasn't Been Deemed "The Only One That Can Win"
Quick Quiz

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