Thursday, April 23, 2009

The smartest people on the planet - Update - Update - Update

Good thing the Obama administration got around to expanding and increasing federal funding for a failed science.
Otherwise all we would have is the private sector to tell us why they no longer waste money on this.
It isn't as if there is a ban on it.
It isn't as if the whole rest of the world can't do as they please.

'O' Man - it doesn't ƒ∆@#!π^& work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get a clue.

Read the fucking papers every once in a while.

When the subject is embryonic stem-cells the words are still "hopeful", and "some results are promising" and it is still mice that they talk about.
The only advances being made in stem-cell research that have a positive and meaningful result are - now get this


Update I:Even more here

Update II:The Strata-Sphere has the best part

Update III:Jill Stanek links to a great audio/visual explanation Dr. to Oprah, Michael J. Fox: embryonic stem cells bad

Update has Adult Stem Cell Research Shows Further Insulin Independence for Type 1 Diabetes Patients

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