Saturday, April 25, 2009

Was 'The Fix" In ?

It was another simple, unnecessary, but, fun idea. Let's get 50+ of the country's most beautiful extroverted women to dress in evening gowns and bikinis; and just to be sure their voice matches their looks, have them answer a question.

Briliant !

To legitimize it let's get some B-List celebs (I am trying to be polite), to "judge" the "competition".

Brilliant !

Ah, but, it is 2009 and now when you invite as "judges" them that thinks girls are icky, this is what you get.

Was it really a coincidence that Miss California (a "representative" of the State just recently sending Prop 8 to a rousing uprising of fascist/haters on a rampage of homophobia accusations) gets Perez Hilton(a "notorious gay activist blogger") as her "judge"-questioner ?

Everyone there knew Miss California was going to have to answer a question. Miss California, Carrie Prejean did not get to say whom her questioner would be. It doesn't seem as if she even had a good look at the card; which seemed as if all it had written on it was a single line, or a single digit.

Sure does look like another good place to scream homophobe. Pay no attention to the applause and cheers.

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SpeakDog said...

What a repulsive little toad. The first to scream intolerance is a nasty misogynist who can't even tolerate someone else having a different opinion.

She said nothing derogatory about gays, she merely stated an opinion about gay marriage.

That opinion, by the way, is the exact same one held by the President, Vice President and Secretary of State. All of whom are adored by the Left.