Thursday, February 19, 2009

Technology without Morality-and the people who use it

I have struggled with a way to succinctly express my thoughts and feelings about Nadya Suleman and her very large family.

So, when I came across this brilliant piece from Doug Ten Napel, I was so very happy to find out I was not alone in what I was thinking.
I was also very relieved to see that I was also not alone in being able to express those feelings.
It’s not sick to want to have 14 children. It is sick to wish them aborted, wish harm on the mother or assume she has done some great evil. I don’t know that having 14 children is a mistake, and neither do you. I’ve known plenty of people who were raised in abject poverty and came out just fine.
I don’t understand the argument that doctors should be able to abort as many embryos as they want but they’re only supposed to implant two at the max. Efforts are made to make two embryo implantation a new medical rule, complete with warnings of witch hunts to any doctors who might not obey the know-it-all culture.
Notice that Pro-choicers are fine with having the government come into our wombs when it comes to the number of embryos that can be implanted. That’s because the “government in wombs” bumper sticker was always a smokescreen.

What about not judging decisions made “between a woman, her doctor and God” as Nancy Pelosi puts it.

Isn't it fun to see ridiculously weak reasonings get stood on their head ?

Every child is a blessing !

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pundette said...

Jeff, though I'm not in favor of artificial forms of conception, once they're conceived these babies are entitled to the rights and protection all human beings deserve. Jill Stanek said it well, though I don't have the link handy.

And, yeah, I wondered too, where is the outrage over women who abort baby after baby, or 'doctors' who routinely destroy the 'extra' in vitro babies?