Tuesday, June 30, 2009

¡Viva Honduras!, ¡Viva Catrachos!

Sometimes you have to break a few eggs.

When you live in a country and a region of the Americas where there have been more than a few dictatorships started by popularly elected El Presidentes that refused to move on, you don't wait around to see if it is too late - you act !

All the latest from Honduras

All Freedom lovers everywhere are with you Honduras, regardless of who is against you.



SpeakDog said...

I'll bet Obama reeealllly wants this Honduras thing to go away...

He doesn't want *us* to get any bright ideas about ousting a leader (not mentioning any names...) who's shredding the Constitution and ignoring the rule of law.

Jeff Stone said...

That's not a nice thing to do.

Act like you know something about someone and then won't say who.

SpeakDog said...

I'm doing us both a favor.

I'm sure we're on that "watch list" Janet N. is so keen on...

Jeff Stone said...