Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sorry, Ollie -We Have Already Lost Afghanistan

Today, on his nationally syndicated daily radio show Dennis Miller had on Lt. Col. Oliver North, (I thought) USMC Ret.

Once again he lines up with the "we have to win Afghanistan" crowd.

Too bad he and the rest of that bunch are late. That train already pulled out of the station. And, if recent news is any indication, it was an 0bama approved, Biden endorsed Bullet-Train.

Said Musa is currently in jail, undergoing brutal treatment pending his eventual execution for the horrible crime of professing his Christian Faith ! In Afghanistan - yeah that Afghanistan.

Where we are sending men and women into harm's way under the guise of making them safe for democracy–this is the democracy they want. This, therefore is the government we are spending our blood and treasure to build. One that will kill you for the crime of being Christian !

We have already lost Afghanistan

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