Friday, May 15, 2009

Awful Parents ? maybe. Awful inconsistencies ? YES

So, there's this couple in Minnesota and they believe that they should be able to determine the best "life" for their child. After having consulted with a Dr and following his prescribed treatment, they have decided to stop and to instead go their own way and follow their own path. They have decided that they would rather not have this greatly promised extended time with their child.

They have decided to go to an abortionist in order to painfully and horrendously exterminate their child.

Oh, but, you will never hear of any Judge getting involved to stop this neglectful and dangerous act.

However, there is another couple in Minnesota that have been found to be doing something far worse. It must be considered worse, a Judge has ordered it stopped - they have decided to stop the chemotherapy treatments on their son. In that case, a Judge most certainly has stepped in to over-ride their parental authority.

Have they chosen the better path ? That is uncertain. What is certain is the judge that got involved, has chosen a bad path. One filled with pitfalls and quicksand.

Have I found a textbook definition of hypocrisy ? I believe so.

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