Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's For The Children !!!!!

It is impossible for those of a liberal bent to fully separate themselves from fascism.

Now that the American electorate have decided that the empty rhetoric of "Hope and Change" is just what they really want in government, it is time for them to either learn how completely stupid they were and wake up, or, to drag us along with their insidious plans.

Here it comes. From the mouth of another Chicagoan, no less.
Spunky has the best wrap-up
In order to qualify for Obama's stimulus money, every state must develop "data infrastructure" mechanisms to track students' education from cradle to college. In his testimony before Congress, Sec. of Ed. Arne Duncan, said
"...states must build data systems that can track student performance from one year to the next, from one school to another, so that those students and their parents know when they are making progress and when they need extra attention. This information must also be put in the hands of educators so they can use it to improve instruction."
This all sounds so noble and good. Who doesn't want to "improve instruction?" But do we really need a federally mandated database to help parents know when their student is making progress?

Whenever you hear them say they are putting the best interests of the children first, reach for your wallet, and get to shelter.

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