Tuesday, September 22, 2009

As if Glenn Beck needs my help

Why CBS and/or Katie Couric found a need to interview Glenn Beck is something I cannot answer. There has been little real in depth such research into the stories of the day lately, that I would have imagined any CBS story about Beck would have included the respective writers from Time and Newsweek along with maybe an editor or two from those "magazines" and Keith Olberman.

What a refreshing sign it is to see CBS go to the source.

Alas, the sound bite that has attracted attention is Glenn simply stating his opinion about how the country would be today if the electorate had chosen Sen. McCain over Sen. Obama.

Based on what has transpired in The United States House of Representatives and The United States Senate, before and after the November election, he supposes that the country would have been worse off.

We can get all upset about this attack on a RINO, but, is he right ? Is Mr. Beck's opinion based on a good grasp of fact ?

I absolutely believe he is correct, no matter how much I do not want to believe such a thing !

When Hot Air posted this Glenn Beck: McCain would have been worse for America than Obama their readers showed why they are their readers. Especially jollybird, who commented in very plain language:
Never like voting for the lesser of two evils. But if McCain won, we wouldn’t have the tea parties or the march on DC. Obama is over reaching, it’s waking people up. So i get Glen’s point. Glen also said the conservative movement might have been hindered for many years or ruined if McCain won.

An even better way to see that things would have been worse is given at SI VIS PACEM
...what Glenn Beck was driving towards, if ineloquently. It's the having the crazy old guy in the WH that would have been a huge intractible problem. Perhaps better, Beck ought to have framed his argument by stating that having Obama on the stove-control for the pot of us frogs has it's ideological advantage: Obama and his cluster have turned-up the temperature of the pot so quickly, so high that we frogs are starting to take action. We're not obediently croaking in accordance with Progressive theory.

So, America, and especially you Mr. Levin, I ask one simple thing in response to your being upset at Mr. Beck's statement of opinion:
Are you feeling froggy ?

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