Monday, September 14, 2009

Oh, yeah, now I get it

The biggest move to increase the size of government in the history of the Republic; the largest expansion of Federal intervention into the economy and the private lives of individual citizens; the most talked about, blogged about and without doubt the reason for the greatest exposure and effort to be in the fore making speeches by the Executive branch -EVER, and all that are in support of it are just keeping quiet because they all no that there is no need to fear it not happening just as the 1000+ page bill HR3200 spells it out

WHEW, I was worried, but, now I can just rest assured that all of the noise is so much manufactured anti-American raaaaacist hate-filled fear-mongering by only just a handful of ne'er do wells who are misguided and out of touch with the mainstream.

Thanks 0-Man, once again you have reassured me that you are beyond unprepared to lead the Greatest Nation God has yet allowed to be run by man.

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