Thursday, September 3, 2009

Because this is in our future ?

Today the US State Department issued an amazingly dumb, short-sighted and very telling document.
Termination of Assistance and Other Measures Affecting the De Facto Regime in Honduras

It starts out with all we need to know, to understand this administration:
The Department of State announces the termination of a broad range of assistance to the government of Honduras as a result of the coup d’etat that took place on June 28. The Secretary already had suspended assistance shortly after the coup.

They call it not only a coup, but, a coup d'etat!

How completely ignorant !

All one needs to do is read the Honduran Constitution, or read the news from Honduras when these events unfolded, or read William Jacobson and his links regarding the legitimate actions undertaken by Honduras to preserve their Constitution.

AH, but, that is not what this administration is about ! To this administration any and all legal Constitutional restraints that can be overthrown will be food and fodder for their future actions.

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