Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Blago exercizes his Constitutional duty to name a Senator !

A slight interruption of Christmas recess is truly warranted by the story of Gov. Blago naming Roland W. Burris to the vacant U.S. Senate seat previously held by President-to-be Obama.

Harry Reid and all 50 seated Democrat Senators, including Illinois' own Dickie Durbin, have stated that The United States Senate will refuse to seat any Senator so named by the embattled and accused, but not yet indicted, Governor. Ole "Happy" has even reiterated that statement.

Jesse White, the IL Secretary of State, has chimed in to use a technicality of The Senate rules to stop all of this. And they say that Blago is grabbing at power !

Those may turn out to be words that put "Happy" and Dickie Durbin, and any other Democrats that are even paying attention, in a not-so-happy place. Mr. Burris may be the cleanest IL pol that Blago ever heard of. I am quite certain he had to look long and hard to find one that many in this State ever heard of.

Mr. Burris has previously held Constitutional Office in IL. Serving as Comptroller for about a dozen years '79-'91, and as Attorney General for 5 more '91-'95. He has also run against the ingrained Chicago machine, running for Mayor v's. Richard M. Daley in primary contest of '95 and against the Illinois Combine running for US Senator in '84 and Governor in the primary contests of '94, '98 and '02.

Not exactly embraced by the establishment in IL.

I readily admit that I do not know everything about Mr. Burris. For instance, I do not know if he knows any Annenbergs, or if there is someone who lives in his block that does, et c., but I do know that he is respected by those he has served. He has however been a regular and generous contributor to fellow Democrat campaigns, including Blago. Listen for more claims of pay-to-play.

So, now, do we get to watch them all refuse to seat a qualified candidate ? A Democrat ? Do we get to watch them place that seat in play for the Republicans ?

Or, do we get to watch them all eat their words and bow to the man they finally were forced to admit was as shady as Illinoisans knew he was; though little cared.

Either way we get to see that Progressive rhetoric is knee-jerk. Very far removed from reality and consequences.

Thank you Gov. Blago. You really keep making this better and better.

I only wonder about two things.

Why would anyone take the chance of taint of character ?
Once again, I call to you Jack Ryan, where are you ?

Please come back !

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