Monday, December 15, 2008

The Governor is "unfit to serve", except this one time

The Illinois State Legislature is drafting a bill that would remove the power of filling vacant U.S. Senate seats from the official duties of the Governor.

As in all State governments, and in the Federal government, any such bill having been adopted by the legislature, it is then sent for the signature of the Executive.

One little difference here in Illinois–here the Atty. Gen'l. has petitioned the State Supreme Court to fund the Governor "unfit to serve". If the Court takes up the matter, and finds for the petitioner, then any and all of the actions of the Governor, from the time of the petition's filing, would then be either seemingly, or legally, null and void.

So, does the State Legislature, a very large group of lawyers indeed, not agree with the State's lawyer ? Are they in essence saying that the Governor is not only fit but still capable of serving the State ?

This stuff can not be made up. No one would ever believe this if it were a movie. Not even a made-for-TV.

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