Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Congress that does not look like America

Remember when candidate Clinton promised America that his cabinet would look like America ? Remember how he appointed a host of underqualified people just to keep that promise ?

It would seem that the LATimes would like something very similar in the halls of Congress. This time not just looks. So, some things are too PC, even for the left.

No, this time the concern is the over-representation of admitted followers of Judeo-Christian faiths. Yep. Too many Jews and Christians. But, not just that, oh no.

WAY too many Jews and Catholics and (egads!)
Mormons – oh, my !
Catholics, Jews, Mormons overrepresented in Congress, study finds

If only there weren't so many of them, the left would get even more destructive policies through even faster.

I wonder how "Happy" Harry Reid feels about the attacks on his Church.
He has either been very silent, or he has said things that won't satisfy the editorial boards-anywhere. Where are you "Happy" ? Speak up.

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