Monday, December 22, 2008

Can we get these guys to look into the truth here ?

There is a bigger stink being raised by regular media over a basketball stars age than the natural-born citizenship of a U.S. President-to-be.

The troubled party in this case is SI's Chinese language publication. The tipping point was a school record. A middle school record of Yi Jianlian's registration could lead to his teams' record being nullified during his time on it.

Here in America we cannot even look at the school records of the President-to-be. Or his health records. And there is no way we will ever be allowed to see a embossed sealed authorized copy of the Birth Certificate showing in no uncertain terms that Barack Hussein Obama was indeed born (in Hawai'i, or elsewhere) to United States citizen-parents.

That is what Natural-Born Citizen means.

Better leave that sort of investigative integrity to SI's Beijing bureau.
Nets’ Yi Jianlian targeted in age investigation

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