Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I think they peaked at the report before it was released

The Obama team has released their report on the amount of contact between the Obama camp and Gov. Blago. It was pretty much what they had assured all of us it would be. They had no untoward contacts with the Gov. in regards to the former Senate seat of the President-to-be.

It has been re-stated that Emanuel had made one or two calls to Gov. Blago in which they had talked about the seat and who should be named. We were told, yet again, that Mr. Emanuel had made to offers of anything at all to Gov. Blago in return for naming anyone in particular.

We were not told:
Why Mr. Emanuel named Valerie Jarrett before he was given the list of recommended people from Obama;

Why President-to-be Obama was unavailable for comment;

Why Mr Emanuel was unavailable for comment;

Why Vice-President-to-be Joe Biden was the announcer of news that he had no part in and therefore no possible way of discussing;

Why wouldn't a Democrat President-to-be and a Democrat Governor from a Democrat State discuss and agree on the next Senator ?

Why the Obama camp can release any report on themselves and their activity with the only record of times, dates and activities was staff memories; not any phone records whatsoever, and believe that it is sufficient;

Why the Obama camp can release any report on themselves and their activities and believe that it is sufficient;

Would any such report have ever been accepted as anything short of lies had it been done in the six weeks prior to President Bush inauguration, about any of his teams conduct ?

And it is not just me wondering how it could be that Obama and Blago did not discuss such an important issue.

From Politico
To the extent that the report succeeds in its goal of establishing the distance between Obama and Blagojevich, it necessarily raises the question: Why was the president-elect and leader of the Democratic party playing no role in a key appointment to national office being made in his home state, and by a Democratic governor?

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casap said...

This is just another case in point of how the very liberal media continues to overlook disrcepancies in regards to the democratic party and allows them to get away with so much, and how WE should not listen to and buy into everything we are told by the liberal media. So, you ask why is it sufficient that Obama and his camp can get away with it, becuase they are not called out on it, they are allowed to get away with it....the far left protecting the far left.