Saturday, December 20, 2008

Is Fitzgerald using a minnow to catch a tuna and then maybe a whale ?

Hugh Hewitt brought up a question about how soon Blago, or any accused, will have access to the evidence against him; and the answer, as simple as any viewer of Law and Order can attest is - as soon as he is indicted.

Let that sink in.

Blago and his lawyers will get to hear all of what is on those tapes as soon as an indictment is handed down. But, no one else will. Unless they are released by Blago. Or there is another indictment.

Follow me ?

Rahm Emanuel is on those tapes, or so it has been reported. Rahm Emanuel has been almost invisible since this information has been put forward. Obama has ceased to answer any questions about specific involvement since then as well. We do not yet know who else might be on those tapes.

Why do you suppose he has been so silent ? Because he cannot say something that is a lie. See Martha Stewart/Scooter Libby. Better yet, he cannot tell the truth. Lest he make some members of the new administration look bad.

We may yet see just how much Obama squeaks after coming out of the IL political cesspool.

This keeps getting better and better

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