Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I just have to ask

Another day, another batch of reports on Caylee Anthony's disturbing story.

Which raised a lot of questions. With all of these stories I have never seen or heard about the parent of Caylee that wasn't photographed in dance clubs in the time between her disappearance and the reporting of her disappearance.

This time the stories are about tapes of 911 calls made by a concerned citizen when he discovered what we now know were Caylee's remains.

The Orange County Police were unable to find anything where he reported until he had called not once, not twice, but three times. The third call was made after he was told to go there and call again !

This evidence was a half mile away from the Anthony home. A half mile. How does such a large body of evidence only a half mile away from what is ostensibly a crime scene go without the police seeing it even though they were told where to look ?

Is there more ?

But, I digress.

Who is Caylee's Dad?
Does Casey know who Caylee's Dad is ?
Where is Caylee's Dad ?
Why hasn't Casey named Caylee's Dad ?
Did Casey hide the pregnancy from him ?
Does Casey not know who he is ?
Why hasn't he been mentioned ?
Why hasn't he been sought out for his opinions ?

Without these questions being answered, all that may be surmised is, either he never knew about Caylee, or worse still, never cared, and still doesn't. But, I think if he could be named, Casey Anthony would have no problem in continuing her shameful acts by naming him and bringing pain to his doorstep.

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